Kardec Spiritist Group of Austin

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Spiritist Studies

Every Tuesday

7:30pm to 9pm

Every Tuesday we have open meetings to study the fundamental principles of Spiritism, including the Gospel According to Spiritism and the Spirits' Book - 2 out of the 5 books of Kardec's codification.
It is our spiritual moment, where through the studies we connect to the spirituality, also through prayers and sending our good thoughts and vibrations to those in need. There is also the moment of "passes" - a transfer of spiritual energy given by a non-contact laying on of hands that restores the person's spiritual balance.
If you are planning to visit for the first time, please send us a note or call for more information. This meeting is for adults only - for kids' activities please see information below about Youth Spiritist Education.

Meditation Session

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month

6:45pm to 7:45pm
The door is closed at 7pm. No entry after 7pm.

Meditation is an ancient practice that focus on calming the mind and finding stillness, allowing us to be more intimate with our inner self and with the Creator. According to Joanna de Ângelis in the book Alegria de Viver, "Meditation is a valuable resource for a healthy and tranquil existence." Join us in this wonderful journey!

Book Club

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

7:30pm to 8:30pm

Our Book Club meets every third Wednesday of the month to discuss a book or part of a book related to Spiritism. The purpose of our book club is to promote the study and discipline through reading.

Art in Movement

Every 4th Wednesday of the month

7:30pm to 9pm

The purpose is to inspire us through the process of artistic work in a climate of fellowship and mutual support. We will have different activities, such as knitting, drawing, painting, etc. All are welcome, including teenagers accompanied by a parent. No previous experience is necessary, only open mind and goodwill! Hope to see you there! Please get in touch with us to receive a list of supplies.

Volunteer Opportunities

Every 2nd Saturday of the month

10:30am to 12pm
We meet at 10:15am and activity starts at 10:30am.

Every second Saturday of the month Kardec Spiritist Group of Austin visits the Austin's Children's Shelter for a morning of fun and interaction with children that were rescued from abuse and neglect. There are about 50 children and youth today at ACS, most of them are between ages of 12 and 18.

Gospel Studies

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

11am to 12pm

Study of the Gospel According to Spiritism and Passes.
This meeting is for adults only - for kids' activities please see information below about Youth Spiritist Education.

Youth Spiritist Education

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

11am to 12pm

The youth curriculum integrates the Spiritist Doctrine teachings into practical lessons that can be brought into their everyday lives. The activities consist of lectures, games, movies, current events and other useful applications that support this doctrine. We offer two classes for ages 5 to 9 and 10 and older.

Fraternal Meeting

by Appointment only

Anyone who undergoes a difficult time due to physical, psychological and/or spiritual imbalance can find in the fraternal counseling the necessary support.

Spiritual Assistance

Fraternal Meeting required

Spiritual Assistance is a spiritual treatment through prayers, guidance and specific passes followed by spiritually magnetized water. It is a treatment that also requires the person to continue working on his/her inner transformation.

Spiritist Courses

Kardec Spiritist Group of Austin offers different levels of courses on Spiritism to study more deeply the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine, as well as its practice in our every day lives. New registration opportunities are open from time to time, so more information on schedule and type of course will be on our site as they are available.